Tips For Getting That Perfect Aerial Shot

When you are taking pictures from the ground, there is a lot of consistency involved. If your subject is still life, odds are that you have a lot of time to get just the shot that you need. You also have different options for getting the angle right and even correcting the lighting problems is easier.
It is quite different with aerial photos. The trajectory of the helicopter, the swerving movements, and a number of other factors make this a difficult endeavour. There is photographic proof, however, that this is not impossible.You simply need to adjust your techniques a little. Here is how to capture that elusive picture: 

Get the Equipment

As you will be shooting from quite a height, you are going to need specialized equipment to get the job done. The type of equipment that you want to purchase should depend on your budget as well as your personal preferences. There are still some things to keep in mind, however. For instance, you are going to want a fast lens due to the speeds that you are travelling at. The lens should also be able to shoot quite wide but is also capable of zooming in when needed. If you cannot find what you are looking for with one camera, you may decide to take several. 

Do Not Stop

If you have a particular area in mind, you may not want to take aerial photos in Sunshine Coast until you reach your destination. This, however, is a mistake. Just because you haven’t planned it, does not mean that there aren’t wonderfulsurprises awaiting you. Take as many pictures as you can, from as many different perspectives as possible. You will be more than pleasantly surprised when you get these pictures developed. If you choose only to photograph what you have intended, you will be missing out on a lot of natural opportunities. 

Do Something Different

Thanks to postcards, there are some monuments and skylines that have become truly iconic. This does not mean that they do not have more to offer, nonetheless. What you may noticed about these pictures, is that they are usually taken from the same angle, thus the repetitive images. This creates an entirely new opportunity for you. Take these recognizable structures and take pictures from a new perspective. This may be a close up of a particular part or from a different angle. Either way, the result will be unique.
Utilize these tips the next time you are up in the air. You may later realize that you have taken pictures that you could not have anticipated. It will certainly be an interesting experiment.

How To Blow Over People With Your Photos?

Taking some of the most amazing and attractive looking photos is a passion for many. You might be having the best camera and lenses to click the picture, but, if you do not know the right technique to click photos, you will not be able to produce good pictures. There is no point in going for quantity than quality when clicking snaps. The professionals are aware of the compositional tactics and techniques needed to take a bunch of snaps at a given moment. But for a beginner, it is not easy to take well balanced and pleasing photos right from the start. You need to have a very good practice to at least come closer to what professionals can produce.

Start smaller

Before you start taking hundreds of photos in a single photo session, it is better to kick start your photography career with a lesser number of pictures. You just need to click a few pictures, but they need to be high quality ones. As a novice photographer Bend Oregon, you should first understand that quality always matters and ensure that every photo you click should look the best possible. You should take great photos on a consistent basis in order to take many photos that look attractive. This can be mastered only if you are well aware of photo composition.

Photo composition techniques

Photography is a blend of technical skills and creativity. If you are able to master the technical side like image positioning, shutter speed, light adjustments, etc., you will be more creative as a photographer. Photo composition as a beginner will need you to focus on one focal point. It is important for you to point out on the main object that you are photographing. You then need to remove any of the unwanted images that are falling into the frame that is trying to overpower your main subject. You need to protect your main subject from unnecessary things like: bright colors, objects, scene on the sides and cluttered backgrounds.

Angle of the photos

It is highly critical to choose the right angle for your photo. A few inches of change in the angle of the shot can make your photo look better. A photo taken from the above angle will make a character look less powerful. It will give the photo viewer a feeling of having power over the main subject. Above angles are ideal for shooting innocent looking children. Focusing on your subject from the below angle will make the person or object look more powerful. This is an ideal angle for clicking characters that have high authority or status.


With the above few tips, you will be able to develop your photography skills and start to click pictures like the professionals.