The Fun Of Cake Smash Photography

The first birthday of the child is like a festivity for parents. As the first year of new-born is the hardest for parents especially if it’s a first child. Parents have to go through many hardships, sleepless nights and fatigue to get used to of parenting life. As the child is going to be one, so it seems to be an achievement for parents also and they want to celebrate it at the best. The cake smash photography is new trends nowadays in which pictures were taken of a child smashing a cake. These photos rare widely used in birthday invites for the first birthday. Check this website to find out more details.

The professional photographer is hired to capture these special moments. Usually, parents buy a cake which is custom made for smashing purposes. The photography session held a few weeks before the first birthday of the child, so the look in the picture the real-time look of the child must feel alike. The kids were then left alone with cake and they were observed from distance that how they will approach the cake and will play with it. The best try is to make that whole act should feel natural so that kids can be captured having real fun while playing with cake. This produces the innocent and mischievous picture of the child which will remain as a lifetime memory for parents and kids.

Parents prefer cake smash photography Point Cook because they want their child to be also part of their first birthday celebrations. As a one-year-old kid can’t help in its birthday celebration but they are the start of the show. So parents try to make them real-life celebrities for the event.

Usually, cake smash photography is held in studios, as this helps the photographer to have multiple cameras in different positions to capture single shots from multiple directions. People also ask the photographer to make a video of all sessions along pictures and that videos are mostly shown to guests at the birthday party. As the cake is soft and sugary, they can easily be smashed by kids, so kids can real fun in ruining the cake. If there will be the first interaction of kids with cake, they can be playful with it. Many times kids will be rubbing cream on their faces, putting their face in the cake and even they will apply cake on their body. These moments and actions will make kids adorable and capturing these moments, will be the best movements of a kid’s childhood. Parents are enthusiasts nowadays, for this photography session and many studios offer these services. These studios also help to create the themes matching the birthday themes. Picture taken during the cake smash session can also be used as decoration for a birthday party.