How Web Videos Catch Interest With Visual Representations?

As we know that a video is a visual representation of several pictures moving in a row along with the sound effects. A trusted VFX in Melbourne is simply a video that is available on a website or internet. As the world is progressing day by day, internet world is also making new grounds in the world of technology for this purpose several webmasters are using web videos in their blogs to catch the reader’s interest.

As Internet users are very busy with their lives so they want minimum text on the web sites and more and more visual representations and a web video is one of the tools to save reader’s time and catch his/her interest in the content. Be it an endorsement or presentation of a software or anything, a filmed or captured video lecture or just something humorous or intriguing, people enjoy watching videos.

Web Videos can be of two types:

One that are filmed with a mobile camera or a professional camera the other that are recorded from any screen like a PC, mobile, TV or an iPad. Means, the video was being played on any electronic screen and that video was captured with a camera.


Reader’s interest.

Be prominent from competitors.

Be entertaining.

Internet videos file formats:

Web video or online video is the common field which deals with the conveyance of a video over the Internet or websites/blogs. Web videos follow several file formats, the most important being MPEG-4 AVC (Advanced Video Coding), AVCHD (Advanced Video Coding High Definition), FLV (Flash Video), and MP4.

Web video streaming platforms:

There are several web video streaming platforms available, the most important one is YouTube which is the most popular and huge platform for web video streaming. Different bloggers upload different videos on several topics and earn handsome money. Other platforms are Facebook which is also a largest social media platform with millions of users. All social sites are also a latest and popular web video transmission platform. Videos and Vine are also used for transmission of web videos.  Twitter and You Tube are also a mean of conveying online visual data.

Some other platforms are:

Amazon Prime that provides access to its user to almost every movie and video out there, and many are free with a membership. Hulu which is known for television, but actually there are millions of great movies out there too. Netflix which has become one of the largest social video production in Melbourne but users has to pay for it, there are several web series available on it. HBO Go/HBO now, Crackle, iTunes and Popcornflix are also some good options

Skills required to make web videos for a website:

One should have basic web technologies skills like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript this provides direct help for audio and video, and makes video making and streaming easy. There are several online courses available for teaching basic HTML5 its media elements and their attributes. One can take help from those courses to learn these technologies of web videos making.