All About Planning Your Wedding

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Wedding is not an easy thing to do whenever you feel like. Lots of planning and things are needed to be done for the wedding day. But, still some people cannot make the right arrangements for their wedding.

Things to do – Make a rough guest list and think that how many more guests you have to invite. Then, do the estimation of your budget. You can fix an amount that you will spend on caterer, lightmen, DJ, musicians, photographers, florist, wedding video professionals and wedding planners and so on. If you have a tight budget, then you can ask some of your family members to prepare some of the food items on their own on your wedding day. And, ask your caterer to do the rest of the tasty delicacies. You can buy deserts from a sweet shop in bulk to get some discounts. You can make ice creams at home for your guests. Some of your relatives can serve tea and coffee to the guests, so that you have to hire fewer waiters for this work. However, don’t take risk with wedding photos and videos. Hire an affordable wedding videography service and taking precious moments at ease.

Invitees – It is known that invitation cards must be send to the invitees. But, you have to waste a lot of money on invitation cards. You can bring out your artistic skills and make invitation cards on your own. It’s not that easy, but you can do it. Take the help of the internet. Find out some unique designs from internet and draw the best ones on all the invitation cards. You can take the help of your friend, who is a skilled artist. You can invite your guests on phone, by sending messages and letters too. You can make a diagram of the wedding venue’s location on a copy. Take the picture and send it to others through social media. This will help others to reach your wedding venue without any difficulty.

Venue – If you want to invite more guests, then you will need a spacious wedding venue. You will not get such a venue at least a year ago of your wedding. So, it’s better to book the venue a year ago because large venues are always in demand.

Must have – You must have a photographer and a videographer to shoot the wedding films of your wedding day. The two types of professionals are needed to cease each beautiful moment of your big both in photos and in videos. Book the well-known videographer and photographer beforehand to avoid problems afterwards. The photographer and videographer should have years of experience.