How To Blow Over People With Your Photos?

Taking some of the most amazing and attractive looking photos is a passion for many. You might be having the best camera and lenses to click the picture, but, if you do not know the right technique to click photos, you will not be able to produce good pictures. There is no point in going for quantity than quality when clicking snaps. The professionals are aware of the compositional tactics and techniques needed to take a bunch of snaps at a given moment. But for a beginner, it is not easy to take well balanced and pleasing photos right from the start. You need to have a very good practice to at least come closer to what professionals can produce.

Start smaller

Before you start taking hundreds of photos in a single photo session, it is better to kick start your photography career with a lesser number of pictures. You just need to click a few pictures, but they need to be high quality ones. As a novice photographer Bend Oregon, you should first understand that quality always matters and ensure that every photo you click should look the best possible. You should take great photos on a consistent basis in order to take many photos that look attractive. This can be mastered only if you are well aware of photo composition.

Photo composition techniques

Photography is a blend of technical skills and creativity. If you are able to master the technical side like image positioning, shutter speed, light adjustments, etc., you will be more creative as a photographer. Photo composition as a beginner will need you to focus on one focal point. It is important for you to point out on the main object that you are photographing. You then need to remove any of the unwanted images that are falling into the frame that is trying to overpower your main subject. You need to protect your main subject from unnecessary things like: bright colors, objects, scene on the sides and cluttered backgrounds.

Angle of the photos

It is highly critical to choose the right angle for your photo. A few inches of change in the angle of the shot can make your photo look better. A photo taken from the above angle will make a character look less powerful. It will give the photo viewer a feeling of having power over the main subject. Above angles are ideal for shooting innocent looking children. Focusing on your subject from the below angle will make the person or object look more powerful. This is an ideal angle for clicking characters that have high authority or status.


With the above few tips, you will be able to develop your photography skills and start to click pictures like the professionals.

Making a Safe Living Space for Your Family


The world is a dangerous place; there are stories of home invasions, robberies etc. every day. That is why it is always better to be prepared for any eventuality. There are many things you can do protect your family and keep them safe. Here are a few suggestions on how you can expand it to your house, your environment, and your neighbourhood.

Secure Your House and Environs

The best way to do this is to hire a company that specializes in home security alarm systems in Sydney and have them install security measures around the house. They will outfit ground floor windows, all doors and any other openings like a cat flap with alarms that will be triggered if opened after a certain time.

Some alarms are sophisticated enough to send an alarm to the police if not switched off with a code after a certain amount of time. Installing home security alarm systems go a long way in ensuring the safety of the house, but there are other things you should consider as well. Vision Technology Systems can help you amp up the security in your home by means of cctv installation. 

Practice Safety Measures with Family

You probably have a fire drill in place in case of sudden fire. You should also have an emergency drill in case of a sudden break- in or home invasion – forewarned is forearmed. Train your children and partner to avoid any form of conflict no matter what the situation and simply get away. Then, they can alert the authorities. Figure out what entrances and exits each person can use. Check ventilation shafts, skylights etc. to see if anyone fits through. Drill your children on the procedure in case of emergency: where should they go, who should they call etc. Enlist a trustworthy neighbour who can help the children should they require it.

Be Vigilant About Your Neighbourhood

If you live in a residential area, try to rustle up a neighbourhood watch group to keep the streets clean. All kinds of unsavoury elements come out under cover of night and this can be prevented with some pre- emptive measures: fix broken lights and light up dark corners and alleyways; if you hear or see anything related to drug use or peddling, alert the authorities. Be watchful of who moves in to your neighbourhood; if a lone man moves into an area dominated by families with young children, be wary about his motives. It’s always better to be safe than sorry and our personal safety cannot be left in the hands of others. Authorities may have an obligation to protect us, but it is our responsibility to ensure it.

Man-Made Disasters

When someone tells you man-made disasters or calamities, the first word which comes to your mind is ozone layer depletion. Was ozone layer depleted by some alien species from space? No, the aliens called human beings and their careless activities are the reason for ozone layer depletion which is causing harm to the other species that live in earth. Global warming is another famous disaster! At least this was due to long term ignorance. But what about repeated disasters in Japan time to time. For example, the nuclear bomb blasts in Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster apart from this there is the Chernobyl disaster.

Places to keep a close watch on

To avoid those types of disasters, here are few places that the government and the owners should have on their radar in all times.

Electric power lines

In this electronic world, we all need electrical energy to do almost everything. From making food, to casketing the dead, you need electricity. Therefore, to transmit power from one place to another, we make use of electric power lines. The power line might carry direct or alternative current but it need to have surveillance at all times. There can cause a spark due to malfunctioning and thenext thing you know, a whole village through which the lines passed through is gone. Apart from this, you will face shortage until you find replacement.

Cell phone towers

Cell phones help us to be in touch with people who are far away from us. They almost are like taking over normalcy, and replacing it with something different and who knows, in the near future, cell phones might take over humans like in the films where robots take over. Therefore, it is understood that cell phones are playing an integral unavoidable part in our life. If there is a malfunction in cell phone towers, think how chaotic life will become! But cell phone towers are a disaster to environment, other living beings but also to their creator, human beings! The radiations from them, is slowly affecting human brain and may be in the long run, it might cause a human made mutation in the future generation. Also if there is a damage, it will give out large amount of energy and radiations which will cause damage to environment and everything in it (P.S. Human beings are part of environment, if there is a disaster causing danger to humanbeings, you {cell phone company owner} will be sued). Transmission towers are also similar to cell phone towers but have more adverse results, when a malfunctioning occurs. Click this link for further information regarding drone photography.

Windmills, water power plants and nuclear power plants

These are the most serious places where people should have a close look on, these places are involved in making electricity and makes use of huge amount of different form of energies. Most of them time it would not cause huge problems due to technical defaults. But, they will cause huge problem if a whole unit stops working or there is some kind of leakage, which is gone unnoticed.

Methods to avoid disasters

New technology

There are aerial real estate photography that you can hire and use them time and again instead of employing huge man power. These services help you to keep a closer look and all time surveillance on the dangerous zones.

Old method

You can make use of man power to keep a look on these dangerous zones but humans are careless at times. But, this might be valuable way to employ people.

Special Things You Need To Add To Your Checklist When Having An Exhibition

Having an exhibition could be fun, exciting and a whole new experience for you. Can be in your school, association, college or workplace that you are having it. however, there are several aims behind an exhibition; fund raising, educating the public, show off your talents and sell your products to name a few of them. Organizing one can be really hectic with all the other work. There’s a tendency that you can miss some things as well. So, to make sure you don’t miss them we have brought them into light for your checklist.

The food and beverages stalls
For people who are coming to explore your exhibits you can have a small snack and juice bar as well. Well, if you don’t want to add this, then of course you can totally omit it. But many of us do have food stalls for our visitors. If you are having this exhibition from school or from college for fund raising, then you can collect some money from food as well. This is just one option for you. Find a good restaurant to do this for you because it would be a big order after all. Getting a slushie machine would be the easiest way for your juice bar, see this photography family portraits.

Get someone to capture those moments
You want to cherish those memories even after everything is over. To put them on social media, to pin them on your school/college notice board for everyone to see how successful it was. And specially for your organization to collect them as good memories. So, you need to get a really good professional photographer to cover your event. You can easily get in touch with photographers from the internet, social media or just search your local business directory for more information. Try to get a Hong Kong art photographer for a really good deal that fits in your budget planning. Would be great if you can find a student inside your school/college or a co-worker from your office who does photography as a hobby or study. By this you can get it done totally free or a less amount.

A comment box
Many of us don’t take notice to do this but it would be a great idea if you keep a comment box near the exit of your exhibition mall. One reason because you will know how people actually felt about your even and to know your drawbacks as well. It will give you a new courage and knowledge when you host another event like that. Rather than asking each and every person how they felt, we recommend this is as a better option where they can silently right down what they felt. Same when you are running a business you need customer feedback. This is how you will be able to know the different angles from a spectator’s view.

How to Re- Create Intimacy in a Mature Relationship


There are some rare couples in the world for whom the spark never fades: they still look at each other with the incredulous eyes of first love no matter how many decades they have been together. The average couple however, will go through several phases in their lives. After the ‘honeymoon’ phase fades, they usually wake up in the morning and question, “what did I see in them?” because the rose- tinted glasses are off and the whiplash of crashing back into reality is harder to handle. The good news is that this jarring phase will also pass and it’s up to you to recreate the intimacy that first blossomed during the early months of your romance. Here are some tips to help you out:

Put Yourself into Small, Intimate Spaces

There is something about cramped spaces and forced intimacy that slowly turns into genuine intimacy – unless you hate their guts. Barring true dislike, chances are that spending time in smaller, more enclosed spaces (even for a few minutes a day) will lead to a rekindling of intimacy and romance. Hit the hire photo booth at the next party or event you go to: the sheer childish delight of taking crazy pictures will jog memories of the carefree nature of your early days together and help intimacy grow.
Try to travel together in the elevator as much as possible and flirt with your eyes all the way up/ down: getting your partner hot under the collar means they can remember the days when both of you couldn’t get enough. Every time you find yourself at a hire photo booth services or an elevator, or some other cramped space, work it for all you’re worth.

Make Time to Go Down Memory Lane

The memory is a powerful place and going down that road can shake loose any remnants of intimacy left inside for you to fan into flames. Make time out of your busy schedules to recreate your first (iconic) date: go to the same places, and if possible wear the same or similar clothing. Cook or order in the same foods you made do with in your early days; you may be able to afford a French bistro now, but your grad- student days’ pizza will taste sweeter with the years’ of experience behind you. Smells are also extremely evocative so light candles or wear perfumes and colognes that you used to wear. Keep it subtle enough to make your partner wonder about it but not so much to make it obvious and repel them.

The Open Floor is Good Too

Sometimes, more subtle gestures like outlined above won’t do the trick. In such cases, an open discussion might work better and faster. Sure it may be embarrassing to broach a subject like intimacy with someone you are not intimate with, but remember, you once had intimacy, so this is simply a reminder. As embarrassing or impossible as it seems, both parties will be better off for addressing the elephant in the room. It might lead to an honest evaluation of where you stand, whether you want to work at your relationship or whether you want to cut your losses and move on. In the event that you decide to try and rekindle your intimacy, start with the above suggestions and look for ways to keep the ball rolling.

Getting A New Apartment

Moving out in to your own new apartment can be a very exciting milestone for you and yet, you will need to start thinking like an adult from now on. In the years that you have been living with your parents, you have no doubt been accustomed to having things done for you, bills being paid for you and your house being kept clean for you however, now, with your new apartment, you will be in charge of getting everything done yourself. If you forget or you lose track of time, you will need to face the consequences, like having your electrical company disconnect your electricity for not paying your electric bill on time. When you have finally made up your mind that you are ready to face all of this, then it is time to set a budget and start looking for your new home. Depending on your budget and your own lifestyle, you will need to decide if you are going to get a studio apartment, a two roomed apartment or a small room on rent in a house such as an annex.

Pros and cons of each option

Of course there are many pros and cons of each option and you will need to think about each one and decide which one is the best option for you. With studio hire, it means that you will have a much more luxurious abode than with a simple annex however it is likely to cost you a lot more, in fact doubt or triple of what an annex would cost you.

In addition to this, with studio hire, you will have a lot of privacy to live your own life but at the same time, you will have little security and if you are a young girl, this could become an issue. On the contrary, with a small annex, you will get the place for much less and you will have the peace of mind of knowing that people live in the main house and you will therefore be safe at all times.

Your third option for getting your own place is to get a two or three bedroom apartment that you can share with a friend or a cousin as a roommate. This way, you will have the luxury of living in an apartment as well as have someone to split the rent with. In addition to this, as you will be living with other people, you will be safe and you will not be in harm’s way at any point.

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